Music for Schools

Music for primary school children related to national curriculum subject areas. Help children learn through music.

Welcome to PB Music Services

Paul Baly is a Bristol based retired musician who brings to schools a unique method of teaching instrumentalists.

“Having taught in primary schools for many years and having taught many children to play guitar and other musical instruments I understand that children need to make music that is quickly satisfying, exciting and attractive. These are the elements that enable children to fall in love with music making. I use this to provide music within the framework of the National Curriculum.”

Music for Schools

I produce songs for schools that help children learn facts about our world required by the national curriculum that teachers often don’t have time to teach in an already full curriculum.


Various Subject Areas

Subject areas including Geography; oceans, countries, capitals and continents, compass points etc.

    • Science including friction, gravity, the solar system and 24 hour day.
    • History; King Alfred
    • Also :  French,
    • Literacy, Maths coming soon.

    Listen to Samples

    Songs are available to  download free of charge.

    Includes MP3 versions with and without vocals. 

    Listen  here and download today.


    I thought the songs were really catchy and I learned a lot about Africa.
    A student

    I wanted to teach the children about the British Isles and its capitals and rivers in a way that was fun to learn. My head teacher commissioned Paul to write and we used these songs in classrooms and assemblies. They loved them.
    Teacher - Years 5 & 6

    FCCE Primary School

    The children had a lot of fun singing these songs and are learning so many facts. The songs are attractive and appropriate.
    Head Teacher

    FCCE Primary School