“My child is in year two. Will you teach him/her?”

I teach years one to six in Primary schools. Years seven and above by private arrangement.

“My child wants to play the electric guitar. Do you teach this?”

I teach acoustic guitar in schools. (Spanish with nylon strings, also steel-string acoustic.) I teach electric and slide blues guitar privately.

“My child has a left-handed guitar. Is this ok?”

Yes. I am myself left-handed and am able to teach both left and right-handed playing.There are good reasons for obtaining right handed guitars for left-handed musicians: most of the guitars sold in shops are right-handed;  if you learn to play right -handed guitars you can pick up almost any guitar and play.

“Can you advise me on what instrument to buy and where to buy it in Bristol?”

Certainly. There are several good music shops in Bristol. They will give you a wide choice .

“We have an old guitar/ saxophone/ ukelele/ harmonica in the family. Will it do?”

If you bring it to me, either at school, or to my home, I can vet it for you, free of charge.I can perform basic repairs for a small charge. I can also advise you on where to go in Bristol for more  involved repairs.If you wish I can take a guitar that is in need of  tlc to a Bristol-based guitar technician.

Link:      www.edgeguitarservices.co.uk

“My child wishes to learn to play the electric bass, (read also: harmonica/ ukelele) Can you teach this?”

Yes. Electric bass is taught however on an individual basis, on the private fee-structure.Harmonica and ukelele are taught on a lower fee structure in groups.

“Do you enter the children in any competitions or concerts?”

Yes. In most years I enter the most capable instrumentalists in the Thornbury Eisteddfod and in the summer concert at the Colston Hall in Bristol. Great fun!

“My child already has an old harmonica. Will that be ok?”

I would have to examine it. I can provide a pack which includes a new harmonica, some information including music we will be following/learning, all at a very reasonable cost. Alternatively I can advise on where and what type of harmonica to buy in Bristol.

“How do you teach the harmonica? Is it on the same basis as the guitar sessions?

Yes. At a lower cost. The music is not always the same, nor is the notation.

“On what basis do you teach the saxophone?”

I teach alto saxophone on an individual basis and on the same cost arrangement as bass guitar.

“On what basis do you teach singing?”

I teach singing on an individual( private,) small group, whole class or whole school basis,- whichever way suits the school, both in Bristol and in South Gloucestershire schools. I use the guitar and sometimes CDs as my accompaniment.Private and school groups are on a separate cost basis.