Guitar, ukulele and cajon

Two year 4 pupils

I compose pieces for and sometimes with the children I teach. This brings an excitement of deep involvement in the music.

This gives an immediate reality to the music produced. It also helps the memory function. Children feel it is “Cool.”

In schools I teach children mostly in pairs. Sometimes I bring larger groups together so they can experience a more orchestral situation, or to provide music with several harmonies. I teach them to play largely from memory,and to read Tabulation (TAB) and the basics of standard notation. The lessons are 30 minutes in duration, which allows time for tuning the instruments. The timing can be staggered on a rolling basis in consultation with head teachers so that  children do not miss the same lesson every week.

We learn to play well-known traditional pieces and some of my own original compositions to suit ability groups.

We also study children’s own favourite pieces if these are appropriate to their skills levels.

It is my aim to foster a life-long love of music and musicianship.