The instrument that suits your child’s individual talents involves an important choice. The largest and most important part of this choice is centred on the child’s desire to play any particular instrument. This may change over a period of time.┬áTime or money spent should never be regarded as lost time or effort as many of the skills involved are transferrable.

There is of course no guarrantee that a child will attain any set level of expertise. I hope to instil in a child the love of music, and of making music.

There are shops in Bristol which helpfully allow different means of purchasing instruments. This particularly beneficial when buying a saxophone. I can provide further details on the type of saxophone and the costs involved, plus where to have saxophones refurbished, what reeds are most suitable etc,.

When buying a guitar, I would strongly recommend looking at a full-sized Spanish classical guitar, rather than a half or three-quarter sized one. Most of these are ultimately unsatisfying for all. If your child is in Years one to three, a three-quarter sized Spanish guitar may be more suitable.

Spanish classical style guitars are preferable for children because the nylon strings are kinder to their hands.

I am pleased to be able to offer Cajon (Beat-Box) tuition.Please contact me for further details.