National Curriculum Music for Schools

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Geography Songs

Including songs covering:

Continents, Oceans and Seas, Rivers, Countries and capitals of the British Isles, Countries and islands of Africa.

Space & Science Songs

Including songs covering:

Friction, gravity, the solar system, the 24 hour day.

Why Music for Schools?

The Ministry of Education has specified that primary school children should know many more facts about their world than is commonly found in such schools.

In conversation with Primary Head teachers I am told that “There is no time in our very full curriculum to be teaching these extra facts.” Asked whether I could write attractive songs for children which give this extra information in a way that is fun, the songs on this website are my response.

What’s Included?

– Audio in high quality MP3 format.

– Text PDF with lyrics for assemblies or whiteboards. These can be loaded onto schools’ computers easily.

– The music is scored as lead sheets with chords for guitar – PDF format.

These songs have been piloted in a primary school in South Gloucestershire. The children love them and ask to sing them repeatedly. The knowledge contained is gained without them noticing the effort.


I thought the songs were really catchy and I learned a lot about Africa.


The songs are fun and now I know some of the rivers in Britain.


The children had a lot of fun learning and singing these songs. They are learning so many facts without being taught. I think the songs are attractive and they are appropriate for the National Curriculum.
Rosie B

Head Teacher

I wanted to teach the children about the British Isles and its capital cities and rivers in a way that was fun to learn. My head teacher commissioned Paul to write and we use the songs in the classrooms and assemblies.
Mr Hotchin